Shrink Wrapping Machinery

Shrink Wrapping Machine is perfect for packing bottled items without cork such as glass bottle; pop can, mineral water and several beverages. Multipack also offers you a range of first class Water Pet Bottle Shrink Wrapping, Bundle Shrink Wrapping Packaging Machine, Shrink Sleeve Wrapper, Bottle Shrink Wrapping, Bottle Capping, Bottle Shrink Wrapping Machine for Can, Bottle Shrink Wrapping, Feeder Cap Elevator, Tablet Counting, Linear Bottle Capping, Auto Shrink Wrapping and Shrink Wrap Machine for Jars. These systems are designed for years of reliable, trouble-free service & are capable of operating multiple shifts. 

List of Shrink Wrapping Machinery

1. Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine (speed 12000 BPH/9000 BPH/7200 BPH)