Drinking Water and Juice

Drinking Water & Juice Plant

RO System Capacity US GPD(Gallon Per day) Production Line Capacity (BPH) Bottle Per Minute
126,800 US GPD Drinking Water 9000
Juice 9000

This unit is the combination of Drinking water Manufacturing Plant and Juice Manufacturing Plant with capacities of 9000 BPH each with one RO Treatment plant with the capacity of 126,800 US GPD/20000 LPH. There are two production lines, one for Drinking Water and the other for Juice Production. The Juice Plant for making Juice adds sugar + water in the jacketed tank and passes stream at 300 kg/cm2 from boiler. It has to be stirred further with Agitator to make sugar Syrup. The temperature inside the jacketed tank has to be maintained at 60o c to 800 c after this it is passed through a pump to a filter press (sugar press) where all impurities will be removed. Then it goes to PHE- Plate Heat Exchange where temperature is reduced from 60o to 30oC (Room Temperature).This is done so that the main flavor is not spoilt. Then it sent to first flavor tank at 30oC where flavour is added first and then the sugar syrup has to be added as per the requirement. The mixture will then be agitated from a period of time depending on the flavor. Proper care is taken of all the flavors at the same time sampling cock taste the exact % of sugar requirement. Once the exact solution is reached it will be passed through a pump to the pre-mix section. Then water is added from Water Treatment Plant to premix the water with no hardness. Syrup will come to syrup tank in premix. Syrup and water are measured approximately to get the correct flavor and % of sugar after which it will be Homogenizer and then stored in ready tank for Pasteurization process, it will then be transferred by pump to pasteurizer and operated at 74 C and then sent to the filling point of the filling machine. After filler the process is followed by Cooling Tunnel and shrinks for bottling and packaging purpose.